• CEO Letter



    To NextEra Energy Stakeholders 

    Eras are defined by the people who power them, and, at NextEra Energy, our teams are writing a bright script for an American Energy Era that is affordable, efficient and clean. Through investment and innovation, we are solving the world’s toughest energy challenges as we prove that a sustainable energy future is not only possible, but also beneficial to our shareholders.

    In 2018, NextEra Energy was America’s No. 1 capital investor in energy infrastructure and the fifth largest capital investor across all sectors. Our disruption of the energy sector is evident by the fact that no other company, in any industry, has done more than NextEra Energy to address carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

    Yet we are far from finished, as we’ve recently announced a goal to reduce our CO2 emissions rate by 67% by 2025, from a 2005 baseline, which will equate to a nearly 40% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions, despite a near doubling of electricity production over that time. To put this into perspective, if all of the nation’s utilities were able to achieve NextEra Energy’s projected 2025 emissions rate, absolute CO2 emissions for the power sector would be approximately 75% lower than they were in 2005.

    We continue to be the largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and the sun.  In fact, NextEra Energy Resources has more wind capacity in its portfolio than all but seven countries in the world. Florida Power & Light Company, a national leader in solar energy, is installing more than 30 million solar panels by 2030. And we continue to be a world leader in battery storage, with FPL recently announcing plans to build the world’s largest battery storage project while approximately 40% of all NextEra Energy Resources’ solar contracts signed in 2018 include an energy storage component.

    NextEra Energy has accomplished these leadership positions through a commitment to excellence and by leveraging big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver results for our stakeholders and across our businesses.

    We are deeply committed to doing well by doing good, and that means respecting our environment, providing value for our customers, sustaining our communities, focusing on continuous improvement and innovation, investing in our team and growing shareholder value. I hope you’ll take some time to review the materials throughout this report to learn more about how NextEra Energy is creating a more sustainable energy future for America.

    Through investment and innovation, we’re powering America into the next era by making our company and our country more sustainable. By disrupting our own industry, our shared vision of sustainability will define the next era – America’s Energy Era.


    Jim Robo
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer