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    We use our sustainability website to communicate with our stakeholders about issues they care about most.

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    The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards guide our reporting.

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    About Our Sustainability Website

    For decades, we've used reports like this website to communicate with our stakeholders about corporate responsibility.


    At NextEra Energy, we see value in building relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. At the heart of these relationships is our belief in open, transparent communication. For decades, we've used reports like this website to communicate with our stakeholders. Starting in the mid-1970s, our core electric utility, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), began regular public reporting on its environmental performance in the form of environmental reports. Over time, these reports became broader in scope and more detailed.

    NextEra Energy has produced detailed corporate responsibility reports, now referred to as the sustainability website, since 2007. We have always tried to ensure these reports deliver content that key stakeholders value, and we have adopted industry best practices where possible. The 2013 edition of our reporting featured for the first time a digital experience for web, tablet and mobile, a format that we've further enhanced with our 2017 website, in which our corporate responsibility information is no longer published in a traditional, standalone report format, but within an interactive website.

    As in past years, this 2019 website includes mainly activities for the previous fiscal year and covers operations in the United States and Canada for NextEra Energy's businesses and subsidiaries -- including FPL and NextEra Energy Resources -- in addition to certain aspects of our relationships with our suppliers.

    In producing the current website, we have used generally accepted reporting measures in the electric utility industry.

    We also use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards to help guide our reporting. The By the Numbers section provides more detailed numerical data on our sustainability activities. 

    Much of the information contained within this website is also reported to state and federal regulatory agencies such as state public service commissions, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies.

    Reporting period and boundary: Most of the data provided in this website through facts and figures is based on activities during fiscal year 2018. In some cases, information from early 2019 has been included. Operations included in this report include those owned or managed by NextEra Energy and its subsidiaries (note: this does not yet include the NextEra Energy acquisition of Gulf Power, as this occurred in January of 2019).

    Date of current issue: June 2019

    Sustainability Governance

    Sustainability is at the root of NextEra Energy's business model and is embedded throughout the company.


    The majority of the sustainability oversight is conducted through NextEra Energy's General Counsel business unit, which includes Environmental Services. NextEra Energy has developed a robust governance and management infrastructure for sustainability and social responsibility that includes an executive steering committee and a sustainability council. These working groups include executive and staff member representation from all major business units throughout the company. The following positions currently share responsibility for sustainability strategy:

    • Executive Vice President & General Counsel
    • Vice President Compliance & Corporate Secretary
    • Vice President Environmental Services
    • Vice President External Affairs
    • Director Environmental Relations and Sustainability
    • Sustainability & Outreach Liaison
    • Director of Investor Relations
    • Principal Investor Relations Analyst
    • Senior Director, Financial and Corporate Communication
    • Manager, Financial and Corporate Communication
    • Communication Specialist, Financial and Corporate Communication